Vanities Perth and The Sink Warehouse have huge range of vanities of all sizes and styles that are able to enhance your bathroom interior. But what makes our vanities stand out from the rest? 


Nearly all vanities are constructed of pressed wood. In the construction of pressed wood, the wood particles are bound together by a formaldehyde based resin glue. Prolonged exposure to wood products with a high concentration of formaldehyde can cause health concerns. All vanities from Vanities Perth conform to the highest Australian international environmental and health standards. 


HMR’ stands for ‘high moisture resistance’. HMR boards are arguably the best material for a vanity cabinet – double so for one within a bathroom and that will have to withstand high levels of water, moisture and steam. Purchasing a vanity that has HMR boards will reduce the risk of bacteria and mould growing within your vanity due to dampness creeping in. It’s incredibly important to select vanities that are high moisture resistant – not just for product longevity, but also for your health.


All of Vanities Perth’s cabinet handles are made from aluminium. Aluminium handles are ideal for bathrooms as they are rust resistant and require hardly any maintenance to continue to look clean and brand new.


Polyurethane is a highly durable and prestige choice for bathroom vanity finishes. It not only looks stunning, it also is exceptionally resistant to conditions normally found in bathrooms such as water, heat, moisture and stains. Vanities Perth vanities come with a coating of 2 PAC polyurethane. 2 PAC has always been considered the highest quality for finishes, being resistant to marring and chipping, with superior gloss levels and variances. When properly cared for, surfaces coated in polyurethane can last up to twenty years – looking almost as good as the day they were painted.

vanity drawers white
vanity drawer white


Our vanities are all designed to guarantee product longevity. Every drawer has solid 16mm panels (base and sides) and are screwed double front. Many other vanity retailers supply drawers with only a thin 3mm base. This doesn’t provide sufficient support and is highly likely to break. Furthermore, all our vanities have a 16mm solid backing whereas many vanities are fitted against a wall with no back panel. These additions to our vanities ensure that they will continue to be structurally sound long after purchase. 


Each of our vanities are installed with DTC runners and hinges, manufactured from high grade materials and incorporates soft closing technology. Our runners and hinges are constructed out of superior quality, industry grade material that combines hardened rubber, plastic and alloys. The soft closing mechanism absorbs the force exerted by the user and ensures that every draw and door will be closed with poise and without any discordant noise. Its clever and intuitive design will therefore protect the vanity from fatigue induced wear and tear caused by abrupt and forceful closing.


For design and practicality, all of our floor mounted vanities can come with either a kicker or with legs. 

vanity kicker white
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